Monday, April 7, 2014

Seaside Colors

Try as I might with the 2014 determination to expand my colorway choices, this Tangier was too luscious to resist.  It is so me that it practically jumped onto the needles and demanded to get clicking.

Enter Seaside, my interpretation of this pattern over here.  Because the yarn changes shades throughout, working two colors per the pattern was not necessary.   It turns out that the colorway I chose is #12 aka Seascape.  It is filled with shades of the deep ocean and goes quite well with my preference for the jewel tones ranging from teal to almost jade and lightening up with a sunny blue and deepening with grey.

I just let the yarn do its thing and enjoyed watching the colors of the sea come to life.  Even the stormy grey color - initially not my favorite - showed up occasionally like the wild weather that can generate freshness.   That stormy shade had me thinking throughout the knit that something was missing.  The pattern does not call for buttons, but I flirted with the thought just to add the missing "thing that isn't right about this."  It bothered me through about two-thirds of the work.

Then it hit me like sun rays peaking out from a thunderhead.  Every cloud - especially those dark and stormy ones - has a silver lining!   And now my Seaside cardigan has a silver lining too.

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  1. Fantastic! You are one of the MOST prolific knitters I've ever met, Lenora! This card turned out great!