Thursday, April 3, 2014


Don't bother me, I'm crawling.  As in driving at a crawl whilst getting from store to store during the Yarn Crawl.  My plan is to hit my local area on the first day, then branch out on the next three days.  Sunday will find me checking out a few stores that I've never visited.

The list is made and daughter - she who crochets - has added a few items of her own.  That pesky job has her unable to crawl on the first two days and I'll be at stores that might have just what she needs.

The list is not all yarn.  It includes such wonders as buttons, needles and beads.  I will pick up my tote bag and get my first stamp at The Knitting Tree, LA where friends await.  Then it is off to the south bay shops and a hop over to the Long Beach area to round out Thursday.

That's about as much info as I can divulge.  Somewhere out there in Los Angeles county is a yarn shop with 1200 yards of teal/grey sock weight all in the same dye lot, and I'm going to find it!

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