Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Sleeve-to-sleeve Sideways Construction

Perhaps you'll enjoy seeing the sideways construction of my new cardigan.  This one is knit in one swoop from the cast on of the right sleeve ribbing all the way to the left sleeve ribbing bind off.  That makes for a large swath of fabric in the lap once the end is in sight.

Part of the brilliance of working this cardigan in one piece is the use of two provisional rows at the center front.  The arrow points to the bright yellow that is holding live stitches on the right and left fronts.  Use of this technique lets the color flow across the (eventual) opening and the row count flow across the front through to the back.

That big hole in the middle is the neck.  At first the written pattern for this section confused me greatly.  Luckily daughter who crochets knows how to read a pattern and visualize what must happen.  She explained it to me in different words than the designer used.  'Twas like a Stewart Light Bulb turned on at 150 watts. 

This one piece construction means that only two seams are required.  One for each side.  It was impossible to mess this up.  The alternating bands of stockinette and garter made it so easy to see how it all lined up.  I chose to work each side with two threads.  First from cuff ribbing up to underarm.  Then from the body side edge up to the underarm. 

After the seams were worked, the pattern directs that the provisional rows at the center front are removed.  That leaves the following for the edging:  pick up live stitches on one front, pick up and knit stitches around the neck, pick up the live stitches on the other front side and then pick up and knit stitches around the whole bottom.  That was a whole heap of stitches on a 40" needle, but 6 - 8 rounds and the thing was done. 

And I am still happy.

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