Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Twist & Turns Of Loyalty

A few months back, a shawl of loyalty came off the hook and ended up in Louisiana.  There was still yarn left and to show my continued loyalty no matter the twists and turns of the gridiron, the remainder of the yarn was used up during the long Thanksgiving weekend.

Sitting in the sunshine is a favorite pass time of mine.  Luckily I get to enjoy warm rays often.  Especially when hanging out in Palm Desert.   Sitting outside to work the yarn and watch football requires one of two things.  One needs either an outdoor television (which I do not have) or an open doorway with a clear view to the indoor screen which is what I do have. 

Sunshine, yarn and college football.  Those three go together like peas and carrots.  Well, peas and carrots is only two things, not three things.  But you get the drift of my thinking.

Working up this colorful cap was quick and fairly mindless.   The construction is top down and other than the increases and remembering to use both school colors, not much brain power is needed.

Stretchy crochet is produced with alternating front post and back post stitchery.  It makes ribbing that is comparable to knit ribbing.  The best thing about ribbing is that it fits - - almost everyone.

Yarn:  Naturally Caron Country in Louisiana colors.  This yarn is discontinued.  The point is to use team colors.  Of course if you toss in green to the purple and gold the hat will be appropriate for Mardi Gras.

Hook:  I  5.5mm

PatternKnit-look Ribbed Hat from The Laughing Willow blog.  This is a great pattern if you want to practice crochet post stitches.  Click over and give it a try.

So, the big question is do I keep the hat or send it off to Louisiana?

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