Thursday, December 12, 2013

Have You Heard?

The word of the month (for moi and many yarnista friends) is Felf.  Click on over to Cat Bordhi's site and learn all about Felfs.  This just might be the best ebook ever.  Even if you do not knit, buying the ebook will do wonders to further important research.

Ana Petrova and The Knitting Tree, LA teamed together - with Cat's blessing - to encourage knitting of Felfs.  Each participant purchased a copy of the ebook and procured yarn from the store.  We made measuring devices and last night we gathered to determine our unique "F" number and do a bit of math.

An untended lesson that amazed me was the wide variety of felted pockets (go buy the book) that were produced by the participants.  Yarn selection, needle choice, stitch gauge, method of fulling, how long and vigorous the agitation, use of baking soda or not, &tc, &tc, &tc all accounted for the differences.

Ana includes little extras in her classes.  In addition to the wonderful world of Felfs, we discussed needle felting, alkaline water, and  balls.  

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