Friday, December 27, 2013

Best Gift

Without even knowing it, daughter #1 has given me a wonderful gift.  The gift is not something that she wrapped and presented on a special day.  The gift is larger than that.

She who crochets has absorbed hook and yarn into her life completely. 

It is hard to explain how thrilling it is to know that the generations of Francois women who take up a craft and make it art will continue.  She could have chosen embroidery, sewing or knitting.  But like her grandmother, she chose crochet.

One day, she announced that she was going to learn to make socks.  And faster than you can find the end of the yarn in the ball, she was off and stitching.

Check out her blocking talent.  The shawl edges naturally need to be the same and so she folded on the center spine and pinned it into a state of matchy matchy.

That girl makes her mama and her grandmother and a great-grandmother that she never met, very proud.  It is the best gift ever.

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