Wednesday, October 30, 2013


Every year I force myself (because it really is not my thing) to make a blanket.  Sometimes the result is a decorative throw,  sometimes a lap blanket.  There were a precious few baby blankets.  And the occasional big afghan. 

This year, I set out to knit for a family member.  The original post (with directions) is in this post.  The design is a simple garter rib that looks manly and is totally reversible so that no matter how he tosses it around, it will look worthy of my time.  Not that I think he will be less than gentle.  It's just that most men in my extended family are not known for their ability to decoratively arrange pillows, let alone know how to artfully toss and display a loving hands creation.

 I call it DeConstructed because I am so fed up with camo themed yarn that holding another strand of the stuff cause me to shudder.  So, I deconstructed the colors down to green and brown and got on with the knitting.

Once again - in case you did not click over to the original post - I offer the reversible beauty of garter rib.  It looks great on the obverse.

And it looks fabulous on the reverse.  So good in fact that it is doing the stitches a dishonor to call one side reverse and the other obverse.  The look is that interchangeable.

Finally, the last section of brown is coming to life.  Then it is only the ending section of green and this 2013 blanket will be completed. 

This is a good time to confess that due to my lack of internal fortitude, three different yarns are now hiding in a project bag on the dark side of the stash closet.  It is looking like 2014 will be a tad blue.

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