Friday, October 18, 2013

Little Ends

Using up stash is a good thing.  Using up little bits of stash is also a good thing.  Perhaps my new scarf should be named Good Thing.  That would be appropriate.  However, I refer to it as Little Ends.

 Little Ends because when knitting with lots of little bits of color means that there are lots of little ends to weave and snip.

A L.O.T of little ends.

Doing this much weaving and snipping is not high on my list of ways to spend a lazy afternoon.  Eagle-eyed viewers will see that round wad of golden foil in the upper left corner of the photo.  That, gentle reader, is the remains of the chocolate that I ate so as to keep my concentration focused and my fingers energized.  It took a lot of chocolate.

In the end (pun intended) a colorful scarf was born.  This one is for casual wearing - perfect for jeans on a crisp morning.

It is a study in color.  It is a study in reversible stitch work.  It is functional - - and full of Little Ends.

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