Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Simple Works

Do you have a simple stitch or pattern that is your go to standard?  When it comes to knitting, that good old stand by the diagonal garter stitch dishcloth is my go to favorite.  One written pattern can be had here, but it is all over the public domain world - seek and ye shall find. 

I've made it in basic cotton for kitchen and BBQ needs.  In a soft organic cotton or sturdy linen it is fabulous for the bath.  Make it large and it become a great baby blanket.  Larger still and it is a lap blanket for the vets.  Should you be wondering, in any size smaller than a washcloth it is a cherished bird toy. 

The diagonal garter square is great, but  I'm working on a large project that could not be a square. A big rectangle of a blanket for movie watching is what was needed.  Enter a new simple and easy "no pattern" blanket pattern.

 The Garter Rib.  This is meant to be the right side.  Three garter stitches, followed by three knit stitches and repeated across to end with three garter stitches.  Experience tell us that starting and ending with garter will prevent the sides of the blanket from curling.

The pattern - should you want to use it - is thus.
Row 1   Knit
Row 2   (K3, P3) across to last three stitches.  K3

For this blanket, I'm also slipping the edges because that little chain look delights me. 

The fun part of the Garter Rib is that it looks perfectly acceptable on the reverse side.   Look here and discover garter separated by reverse stockinette. 

'Tis a miracle.  I love that no matter which way the eventual gift recipient flops the blanket, it will be presentable. 

One more instance where simple works.  This deserves a voila!

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