Monday, October 28, 2013

Twirly Swirly

This is my new twirly swirly shawl pin.  Perhaps you should click the  photo so as to more clearly see how beautiful it is.  What follows is the story of how I acquired this new piece of sparkle.

I have friends who knit. I have friends who crochet.  I have friends who spin.    I have friends who design.  I have friends who weave.  I have friends who teach one or more of the above.  (Yes, there is a theme)

The odd thing that happens to creative artsy people is that they sometimes veer off into other modes of expression that have nothing to do with fiber.  Hard to believe - but 'tis true.  Take me for instance.  I think that I can write a good yarn.  Therefore I keep trying to spin these rambling stories and you keep reading with the hope that one day I will write something that is worthy of the time you spend reading it.

It is not like that with friend Ana.  Everything this talented woman tries ends well!  She knits, she designs, she teaches, she writes, she dyes yarn, she. . . .  You get the idea.  So, one day Ana decided to take a jewelry making class.  What happens?  Perfection.  Right out of the starting block, she creates lovely things.  (Does her mind ever take a rest??) 

Last weekend, at a guild meeting, she is carrying around a little zippered pouch.

"What do you have there?"  asked Lenora.
"Oh, some wire stuff," she casually replied.

"Can I see it?"
"OK.  Let's go over to the counter and lay it out.  I'm trying to design shawl pins."

My eyes almost leap out of my head.  Trying?  Trying!  Lady, you got it in one.  Fabulous shawl pins, perfect for controlling my humble knits.  I chose, according to Ana, a plain one.   She has others that capture a felted ball within the top part.  Those are fun and jazzy.  I can't wait to discover what she dreams up next. 

While I have direct access to the source, it is possible that in the near future these hand made shawl pins will be available at the every friendly The Knitting Tree LA.  Just sayin'.

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  1. chose a lovely shawl pin, Lenora! I agree with you, Ana is an artistic wonder!!