Tuesday, August 13, 2013

The Everlasting Skein

The  birthday washcloth did not use up much yarn.  There was much remaining in what I now refer to as the everlasting skein.  Rather than get my knickers in a twist, I kept knitting.

This is the label from Twist Cotton.  For a mere $8.50 there is 180 yards of very soft worsted cotton with which to knit or crochet a pleasurable item.  And that is the problem. 

This top photo shows what remains of the skein.  This is not what was left after making the dolphin washcloth.  Oh, no.  It is what remains after making all of this:
 One dolphin washcloth and four fleur de lis coasters!  And look at how much cotton remains.  Geez Louise, I might have to keep knitting.

Life is good.


  1. Go for 6 fleur de lis coasters! Come on, you can do it!!!

    1. Ha Ha Ha. Of course I CAN do it. But will I is another issue all together.