Friday, August 16, 2013

Fleur-de-Lis Coasters

 There are still ends to weave and blocking to occur, but I love my fleur-de-lis coasters.  A bit of history is needed if you are to understand why these smallish bits of cotton are so dear to my soul.

Here is the story of the pattern:

The fleur-de-lis washcloth pattern was designed by Noelle of Noelle's Noodles.  Go ahead and click the link to download or read for yourself.  Or, count on me to spoon feed you and reel in more good works in the way of donating what comes from your needles or hook.
This cloth design was originally written for the Cloths for Katrina drive which took place in 2005 and organized sending handmade washcloths and bars of soap to comfort evacuees of hurricane Katrina.

Samples of this cloth are now housed in the Louisiana State Museum and tour schools to teach students about crafting for charity.
If you do download the free pattern, you'll discover that Noelle allows it to be used for charity work.  You can even sell the items you make IF you follow her instructions and donate the proceeds.  

One thing I love about these little bits of Louisiana is that they are totally reversible.  That's right.  Whether coming or going, the official symbol of Louisiana is there for all to see. 

Bonne, Très bonne.

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