Tuesday, August 20, 2013

It Looks So Bad. . .

Lace.  On the needles.  It looks so bad.  So very bad.

This is one of the precious alpaca yarns that I acquired on the summer trip to Peru.  The yarn is lovely.  The color, in real life and seen through aging eyes, is not as deep as merlot but within my preferred range.  I love the yarn. 

And I love lace once it is blocked into all of its holey-ness and expands to show the true pattern.

But right now, it just looks bad.  Hang in there with me. . .


  1. it matches the background pattern perfectly. I restarted the Daystar Shawl on Sunday. I dropped some mystery lace stitches and could not fix. I also know I had previous mistakes because my stitch count was off.


  2. Your lace doesn't look bad, just kinda' scrunchy! The color is glorious! Can't wait to see the finished product, Lenora!