Tuesday, May 7, 2013

But It Is So ME

Please don't chide me.  Some quirks of personality and behavior can not be changed.  Can not be controlled.  Can not be understood.

I bought it again.  Same yarn, same shade, same old me.

The color has been disguised as has the band from the skein.  In the past I  made an accent summer scarf with this bit of silk.  And, yes, I just went out and bought it again for another accent scarf.  However - and this is a huge 'however' - this time I also purchased the same shade in a mohair/silk blend so that the resulting scarf will have one half pure silk and one half blend so as to function in a southern California winter.

Say it or think it.  It matters not to moi.  I am happy - and it is so me!

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