Monday, May 20, 2013

Celebrating With A New Project

Sixty-five thousand two hundred eighty stitches.   That's a lot of knitting, especially when done in only two weeks.  But the task is over, the box is sealed, the label printed and the swath of linen/cotton blend is traveling to its rightful owner.  Naturally, I am celebrating.

The celebrating is in the form of crochet.  Right now this might not look like much, but it is in the service of a friend.  These few rows and my opinion of them might one day bring fame to another.  Yep, I am pattern testing for a guild buddy. 

If you hang around this blog you are aware that I am a huge supporter of knitting guilds and stitchery related groups.  Learning in these casual gatherings gets my juices flowing. 

So, there I sat at yet another guild meeting and making appropriate sounds of support for those sharing their latest finished projects.  Up popped Leo wearing a bright scarf that was constructed of short row crocheted triangles.  He claimed that it was "just" single crochet.  But the way he said it let you know that there might be some little hidden secret within the stitches.  At the end of his short moment in the show & share spotlight, Leo asked for three willing testers and promised to show how he got the texture into the single crochet stitches.

By stumbling over my own knitting bag and delicately balancing my coffee cup, I was able to be first to grab his arm and say those magic words, "Me, me, me - please pick me!"  If you missed the link above, check out Leo's blog post which shows his original scarf.  He has promised a video that shows his single crochet trick that changes the look of the thing.  And of course, when all the testers have done their thing, a pattern will  be available. 

Excuse me.  Thanks to Leo, I have a scarf to finish.

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