Thursday, October 4, 2012

Not So Crazy Chicken

Thank you to Edith Filzhof for her easy & versatile Crazy Chicken pattern.

 The knitting is within the beginner range.  The most difficult thing here is K2tog and SSK.  My preference is for smallish shawls.  I've confessed several times that the shawlette size is for me.

Well, if this pattern has any downfall, it is size.  The unblocked size you see here is close to what I like as a final product.  Thus a blocking quandary.   What to do?  If I block this in my usual style of soak, stretch, pin at significant points and then re-pull and pin to really open up the lace section - - - the thing would be too huge for me. 

I think the process will be adjusted for this one.  To be sure, that soaking bath will still take place.  Especially because this bit of knitting  might just have a few crumbs in it.  (Comments are not appreciated)  Then, if I choose a final size and pin the major points to that size, I should be able to ease the rest into position even it if means that the lace is not as open as I normally like it.

I added beads to the open work of the border.  Beads are not in the pattern.  What can I say but that I went "crazy."

This was my first effort with Twist Bamboo Sock. The 50%merino/25% bamboo/25% nylon provides a lovely drape (bamboo), great stitch definition (merino) and holds strong (nylon).  Add Cathy's color sense to those attributes and this yarn is a winner!

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  1. I vote you just use your iron / steamer and steam it to block.