Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Plenty Of Time?

At first it seemed there was plenty of time.  Suddenly it is mid-September and a deadline looms. 
  • Are my needles flying?  No.
  • Is any piece completed? No.
  • Is it the only thing in the project bag? No.
  • Did I start another cap for Knots of Love?  Yep.
  • Do I have time to write a blog post?  Yep.
  • Is there plenty of time to finish the bolero commission?  Sure!

 At least the two fronts are exactly the same and mirrored perfectly.  But the pieces are not completed.  The back isn't finished either.  That is hanging out on waste yarn so that I can absolutely make the upper arm hole row counts be precise.

Don't even ask about the sleeves.  Normally, one might choose to knit the sleeves before the fronts - owing to how big sleeves tend to be and the amount of yarn they chew up and how boring it can be, etc., etc., etc.  I'll do these sleeves last because they really are not sleeves per se.  More like little short caps that barely meet at the under arm seam.  The eventual wearer of this bolero wants a bit more length and I await her final (as in final) decision.

So the sleeves will be knit last and veer from the pattern.  Oh,  I changed the stitch pattern as well.  After all that Moss stitch on the vest for moi, an entire little sweater/bolero in Seed stitch was just too much. 

I'm using gauge  from a real published pattern so that should count for something.  Yarn substitution, stitch substitution, sleeve re-design, and eventually a different edging but it will be close to the original. 

Sorta.  Kinda.

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