Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Narrow It Is

The recent move necessitates many changes.     A few years ago, I read the book, and the term rightsize  has stuck with me in all matters except yarn, chocolate and coffee.  We have made a conscious decision to start the process of rightsizing life.   Notice that I said start the process.  This is by no means done.  When I die, hoards will come from far and near hoping to score in the big stash sale.  Historians will covet the man's library of books that are not available in the digital world. 

Sometimes this rightsizing works really well.  Like when you recycle all of those weird vases from the valentine/anniversary roses or decide that the hall closet can hold something other than headless Barbie dolls.

Sometimes this rightsizing does not work so well.  Take the case of the narrow balcony off of my new  kitchen.  There is a deck drain (for all of those torrential rain storms that plague southern California, she noted with a whole heap of sarcasm) about 15 inches away from the door.  Right there where any purchased wipe-your-feet mat will cover the drain.  I try to be a good person.  I read the CC&Rs.  I know not to cover the grated hole.  But the space is too narrow for anything normal.

Thankfully, I have not downsized the stash!  And thanks to my recent reacquaintance with TSS and the purchase of the complete Denise hook set,  I can crochet a rug and make it the perfect width for the narrow spot.

Here is the beginning.  Double strand of basic Bernat Handicrafter cotton and TSS results in a nice thick sturdy fabric.  It will be the best thing since Mama's crocheted oval  rug made from strips of old clothes. 

If only I had that huge wooden hook that she used. . . .

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