Monday, May 21, 2012

A Stitch By Any Other Name

Thirty-eight years ago, Mama & I made an afghan.  I was going away to college dorm life and needed something decorative and warm.  She made the granny squares and I made squares for the afghan using the Afghan stitch.  At the time, this struck me as quite clever.

Thankfully, Mama sewed the whole thing together and, if I recall correctly, I did the edging.   Time has taken a toll on the afghan.  The seams are giving way; there is proof that Red Heart eventually breaks down.  But still, I keep the threads that we worked.  I hang on to our joint project.  A weak seam, a broken thread, a smell of decades past. . . this is our history - Mama and I.

Fast forward to this week and the Afghan stitch is still part of my repertoire,  only now it is known as TSS or Tunisian Simple Stitch.  To refresh my skills and add to my own personal stitch knowledge, I signed up for an online class.  Check out Craftsy for a huge selection of learn at your own pace classes.  Craftsy lets you learn from the masters! 

Tunisian Crochet with Jennifer Hansen, of Stitch Diva Studios fame, is a fabulous class.  What I love most about this online video it the ability to adapt the excellent teaching to my style of learning.  Stop.  Rewind.  Take a video note.  Move faster.  Move slower.   Come back next week or next month.  I've bought the course and it is mine for as long as I need it.  

Look at my new Tunisian Crochet square.  It is a spa cloth.  I love the mix of stitches.  Yes, I had first learned the TSS in that afghan from the 1970s.  Somewhere along the line, I played around with the TKS (Tunisian Knit Stitch).  But never ever had I gotten to all the other possibilities such as the TRS (Tunisian Reverse Stitch).  I am enthralled.  

When life calms down a bit and my mind quits vacillating on "four different colors of DK weight yarn"  I will start the fantabulous multi-garment from the class.  

Are you excited yet?  Click on over and check out the super Craftsy classes, workshops and patterns.  I'm glad I did.

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