Tuesday, May 15, 2012

A Mountain of Success

The mountain is scaled - Multnomah is complete.  Yes, I am a few years late in the trend, however with such a timeless pattern, late is never late.  Before I  get all wrapped up in success, a few specifics:

Pattern: link is above and available through Ravelry if you prefer.

Yarn:  Araucania Yarns, Lonco Multy in Color 4005 (blue, yellow gold and resulting brown & green)

Needle:  US 4

There are many blogs and chat threads available to assist with this pattern.  The dreaded Feather & Fan seems to be the major culprit that causes difficulty.  Well, that and the fact that the pattern for the F&F section is written very well for the first repeat but lacks clear specifics on maintaining placed markers as the work progresses.

This pattern has a strong and very pronounced center spine.  While the pattern might be missing a few hints, it is easy to read the stitches and place the YOs appropriately.  This part gave me no angst.

Ah!  But the dreaded F&F is another story.  I will admit to you, fair knitter, that this simple pattern always causes my hands to shake, my needles to TINK, and my mouth to be bad. 

Do I insert a life line?  NO. 
Do I insert markers at each eighteen stitch repeat?  NO. 
Do I do anything to help avoid problems?  NO. 

Miss Lenora goes on faith, a wing and a prayer - all the while trusting that she can fix anything or fudge her way through.  It is a bad habit.  I admit it.  You, however, should do the whole life line, markers, work slowly and count thing. 

To celebrate successfully getting through the F&F lace part, I tried a new-to-me bind off.  It is one of the K2tog BOs that claims to be very stretchy and give enough wiggle room to allow blocking out the lace without going up a gazillion needle sizes trying to bind off loosely.  Know what I mean?  The BO can be learned here.  I used Version B should you wish to give it a try.

Actually, you should give Multnomah a try. It is a wonderful mountain of a project.

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