Friday, May 18, 2012

French Scarf for Francois

Thanks to an easy kit from Claudia Hand Painted Yarns, I have a new scarf.  Well, actually Ellene Warren gets heaps of credit for her easy to accomplish French Scarf.  And, being a Francois, I do love my French Scarf.

This is a clever little plan where two different yarn types - in the exact same color way - are alternated into a breezy shawl.  I am here to tell you that mohair in both boucle and barely there lace weight work well together.  Don't get started on the "It makes me itch.  It's too scratchy" train of thought.  Depending on the phase of the moon or some other such mystical event, I too occasionally feel the mohair where it slides across the back of my neck. 

But, it turns out that for the most part, I wear clothes on my upper body (lower body too,  should you be wondering) and thus there is always a layer of something tolerable between me and a potential itch.  And by golly, I'll wear the stuff until my skin breaks out in whelps so severe that my demise is on the horizon.  That's how much I love this stuff.

Now, please know that if such severe reactions are your personal lot in life, don't go making this scarf out of mohair yarns!  Protect your self.  The same impact can be had from more skin friendly fibers. 

I love the way that the two rows of boucle appear to be suspended in air.  What is happening is that three rows of the kid mohair are worked on the same gargantuan needles and create the space between.  Having both weights of yarn dyed in the exact same color way (Charlotte's Verdigris) is the real beauty here. 

I tried to get a close up of the magic - but it is fuzzy.  You'll be patient about that.  I'm a yarn artist, not a photographic genius.

As much as I adore this French Scarf, it might be destined for life as a gift.  My heart wants to keep it; my soul wants to cherish a friend.  

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