Wednesday, May 9, 2012

In Between Knitting

This month is turning out to be a series of fun adventures broken up by short periods of calm.  And it appears that the only time I have for yarn work is in between the adventures during those short periods.  I even missed my favorite Monday knitting group. 

So, you are wondering why Bert is the first thing you see in this post.  Simply stated, I am finding that sitting near the beast (his jungle scream has been particularly loud and demanding lately) keeps him calm and gives me a comfy place to try to get a little knitting done.

This is Multnomah,  which can be had free here.   It is an extremely easy piece of work.  Except for one thing.  It involves the ageless feather and fan pattern which is never my favorite to work.  Mind you, I love the final result.  But something happens to my fingers as they manipulate the sticks and string to K2tog and YO in the appropriate places.

It is inevitable that on every non important row, something will go amiss which causes the important working row (that being the K2tog & YO work) to be missing a stitch or two.  Thus I am forced to check each and every stitch in the prior row to find that one little mishap that make the whole thing go awry.  Sometimes it turns out that a YO was missed way below.  Sometimes it turns out that six does not mean seven nor does it mean five.  Sometimes it is impossible to figure out what when wrong where and how to insert/delete an extra stitch so as to fool the eye into thinking that nothing is wrong.  Sometimes it is. . . .

Is my frustration showing?  Don't fret.  When this one is done, I'll be please as punch.

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