Monday, November 7, 2011

Ready To Go

Perhaps my most flexible piece of wooly work ever completed is ready to go. 

Check out the completed pullover!  This was an extremely fast knit, a quick seaming and then voila!  Done.  Here I have used the short sleeved sweater as an over garment in attempt to stay warm in the sudden global chilling that is Riverside.  Temps are below comfy and down toward the "how do you turn on the heat?" stage.

I did check out the ability to wear this under a plain button front shirt and that too will work.  The short sleeves are really just a continuation of the body and are worked entirely as ribbing.  That flexibility of the stretchy rib is what gives this sweater its flexibility.

This just might become a favorite packing wardrobe staple.  Notice how squarely and compactly it folds.  Love that!  Do take time to enlarge the photo and notice the cable and lattice work that makes this special.

The pattern includes optional long sleeves, so it is flexible if you live in or often visit a perpetually chilly climate. 

The specifics:

Yarn is Rustic Tweed from Queensland Collection.  63% Wool, 27% Alpaca, 10% Donegal.  It comes in 100g hanks so the 278 yards goes really far. 

Pattern is Lattice Cable Sweater from the book Easy Cable Knits for all seasons by Andra Knight-Bowman.  This is the second time I've made something from the book.  And I have my eye on yet a third pattern.  If you are looking for a good book filled with quick but attractive patterns, this is the ticket.


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