Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Planting Seeds

That's what is happening around these parts.  Planting seeds.  Row after row after row of seeds.
Over the hills and through the valleys, nothing but seed stitch.  This is what happens when one casually (and with no other intention than to spend a few minutes chatting) strolls into a yarn store and is struck with Commandment breaking covetousness at the simple sight of a competitor  fellow knitter casting on for a new project. 

Even before the Muscadine socks were photographed for this running rant of a blog, I had signed on the dotted line and possessed ten skeins of silk and a pattern known as Shadow.   I knit all weekend.  Regular readers know that at this time of year, I am partial to mindless knitting that does not interfere with weekend football watching.


The mindless seed planting is broken up with two cable inserts that, for this long vest, become the side seams (well, wannabe seams).

It's looking might fine up to this point.  Which is not even half way.

Good thing this is mostly mindless as I've half a mind to chuck it all and whip up bulky hat for a preemie!

Please jump in anytime with a comment of encouragement. 

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