Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Muscadine Wine Socks

Perfection is complete!
 Well, these are perfection if you discount the cuff seam on one sock.  Try as I might, that seam just looked off.  Thus - - the photo taken from the front. 

Socks are so portable, perhaps that is why the working of them is quite popular.  What's that you say?  Have you never owned a pair of hand knit socks perfectly matched to your foot and calf with even the gusset precisely placed for your anatomy?  For shame.  It is time to either learn to knit socks OR make nice with a sock knitter.
For those in the know, the sideways cuff of this pattern did give me pause.  I fretted a bit on whether the garter work would be as effective as plain ribbing or if it would fail in the wearing.  So far, I am pleased.  

A gentle reminder:  
Muscadine Socks by Star Athena available here on Ravelry and also in Sockupied, Spring 2011.
made with Grape Vine (a limited edition) colorway by Baah!

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  1. And the conversion is complete! I love you and all your knitting!