Friday, June 25, 2010

Lazy Daze of Summer

This laundry is a clear indicator that summer is here - both by the calendar and by the thermometer.  I already had to wash the sleeveless gear and am tempted to get out the hair dryer to speed the process!

Look at that photo.  Those stripes on the Maggie Mae are straight in the wearing, but my I did a horrid job at laying it out!  However, the shaping on the tank looks might fine.  Mighty fine indeed.

Summer is for finding time to laze about.  Some times whole blocks of time can be devoted to vacation and relaxing.  Other times or situations require finding snippets of laziness.

I found a enough snippets of time in the evenings to finish the socks.  Socks are a great summer project.  Small and portable and one is never more than a few stitches from a good stopping point so it is easy to interrupt the knitting for a sip of ice cold lemonade on the porch.  The bamboo worked up really well.  I confess that the longevity and hard wearing still has me worried a bit.    And for the record - the Monkey Socks have never showed up!  Anywhere.  We are not amused.     I am so upset about those socks that I even took out the computer bag thinking that maybe, on some spring travel adventure, that I put the socks down amongst the peripherals.  But alas, still no blue Monkey socks.  

Now that the socks are finished, more small summer projects are required.  I started this:
It does not look like much now.  One day this wad of a rectangle will be something that I adore.  For now, it follows me around and makes an appearance any time that a desire to work on unending seed stitch rares up and overtakes my common sense.  Frankly, I hate the working of seed stitch.  Total yuck.  But, it is predictable, sturdy and keeps its shape.  So, I trudge on with the making and envision the final product.

And, with visions of a future chilly morning in my mind's eye, I started this bit of cashmere.  This is not total yuck.  This is pure joy.

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