Friday, June 11, 2010

But It Is Cashmere!

And so I had to have it.   It being  a mere 25 g of Filatura Di Crosa  Superior.  And, if you are not familiar with this lace weight, it has 30% silk.   Yes, it is a bit dear to the pocket, but only one ball is needed for the intended usage.   You can read a review here, so no additional words from me.

I succumbed.  Yarn stores that have many samples for touching and fondling are my favorite type of stores.  It does not matter if the sample is of a pattern for sale, class being offered or simply gauge swatches of each yarn available.  I love a good sample of the merchandise.

Actually, I only bought the lace weight cashmere because of a pattern sample.  It's a lovely serpentine scarf pattern from Lyn Perkins who is local to Huntington Beach, CA.   The sample was on display at Alamitos Bay Yarn Company, where one can enjoy knittin' on the dock of the bay - - literally.  This sea kissed store is packed with samples, enthusiasm and lots of opportunity for building your yarn experiences. 
This smooshed together two inches is the first fourteen rows of Ms. Perkin's serpentine scarf.  This will be mine - all mine with no thought of gifting it away.  Already I am happy with my ability to work a 12-stitch cable.  No thanks to any grand perfection on my part, but wholly due to the Addi lace points.

So, with this new narcissistic project added to the cardigan, socks, blanket and a sampler scarf, my knitting life is getting a bit hectic.  To top it all off, tomorrow brings a class on reading Japanese knit patterns.  My head is spinning and my fingers are knitting.   It is a good thing that the summer evenings are long lighted.  More time to get it all done.

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