Monday, June 14, 2010

Distracted Sock Knitting Snafu

The socks are zipping along.  Finished sock #1 this weekend and immediately and Magically cast on #2.  If you are a sock knitter you know that the toe takes almost no time at all.   It does not matter if you end with decreases and Kitchener or work toe up or even work short row decreases and increase to graft to the sole.  Those few stitches take no time at all.

Then comes the flying along in pattern.  I am making Sunrise Socks from Wendy Knits.  Easy peasy knitting for  one so quickly distracted as this old Cajun.  Let it be known that there is a hand written note - penned by yours truly - indicating the exact number of pattern repeats to work before commencing on the gusset.  An actual note written down on the pattern.  After all, I might want to use this pattern again and why should I fret over measuring my foot when a simple read of the personal note will suffice.

Yes, that note will suffice in the future.  Today the note was useless.  Entirely useless because a certain conversation became all consuming and the knitting was relegated to mere back story.  Round and round on the sock whilst I listened intently to the fore story of conversation.  Luckily, the easiness of the pattern requires very little notice during the working.  My eyes were fixated upon the speaker, my ears intent upon each nuance and my fingers doing the knitting.

And then it happened.  The old brain kicked in with a rational moment.  Me thought that surely, by this time and amount of knitting, it is soon time to attend to the gusset and not the flow of words.   I forced myself to attend to counting of pattern repeats.  One, two, three, four, etc., until I reached eighteen.

Bummer.   It is sing along time!

A frogging I shall go.  

A frogging I shall go.  

What Ho? 

And shucky darn.  

A frogging I shall go. 

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  1. That's exactly how one makes another person feel important - by being wrapped up in her story.

    There's that phrase shucky darn again! I love that you use it too!

    I also REALLY love that you knit socks.