Monday, September 14, 2009

Still A-Muse-ed by Knitting

Isn't it absolutely fascinating how a piece of string can twist in to so many unique and marvelous shapes? Crochet, knit, weave, tat, sew or any other manipulation that comes to mind. Does not matter at all. Twist a length of the stuff and magic happens.

The knitting muse is still upon me. Following this wayward guide is proving to be very educational. Back in my "I don't knit socks" days, a friend advised that she enjoyed the freedom of sock knitting. To her way of thinking, once the requisite number of stitches was on the needles anything could happen. She has the ability to drop in a cable anywhere and make a whole new experience come to life. Finally, with this current experiment moving along, I understand what she tried to get my brain to understand.

Even if I never wear this rectangle of a pullover, the working of the thing will have advanced my ability with string greatly. Over on the left of the top photo is the current side. The stitch count and ribbed lower edge are exactly the same as the first side, but the string has decided to twist in a unique combination. Symmetry is not my life ambition. Thus, I love what is happening.

Here is a close look at the new piece of fabric. Cables with no purl set-off are quickly becoming a favorite and appeared with no previous thought on the lower right side. These are stacked up vertically, unlike on the first side where the cables enjoyed forming a diagonal line. go ahead and click the photo - it should enlarge a bit.

That niggling muse seems to want to divide this side so that it becomes a v-neck front. I wonder - what shape is a V?

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  1. I love that you're experiencing freedom! I'm almost there with a sweater I'm constructing. It's wonderful to say, "Hmmmm, I don't really like that. Maybe I'll try something else entirely."

    LOVE the cable with no relief stitches!