Monday, September 28, 2009

No Knitting, Just Yarn

There might be a reason that my yarn love is limited to stashing and not retailing. Witness what I have gotten my self into.

What you see is an explosion of new yarns. This is part of the fall shipment that arrived at a favorite LYS recently. The proverbial straw that broke the camel's back - even though none of this is camel hair. Where to put the new? What to put on sale? Why not move the sock yarn to there? Oops.

Have you ever noticed that once the first item is moved the whole scheme is off kilter and other items must get moved and then the furniture has to shift because there is more of this than there was of that and then men are involved because of bolts and attachments and the whole thing gets awfully close to chaos?

Chaos and I do not get along. Period. Luckily, the shop owner and her employee left town and headed to Big Bear and a yarn retreat. They were taking a group up to cool off, learn to take color out of knitted fabric and how to add color in to yarn fiber. That left only two determined women in charge. Keys to the shop and everything.

The instigator of the shop redesign in the photo trying to figure out if it was actually worth watching those men disassemble, move and reassemble the supports for the yarn cubbies. Will it work? Is it all for naught?

Wait till you see the result. I must say there is something quite trusting about a shop owner giving the keys to the kingdom to two customers and letting them 'play store.' We moved all of the Louisa Harding! We moved all of everything. We put up new displays and redressed the windows.

What will the shop owner think when she returns. How will she ever find the new yarns? Actually, that won't be an issue as all of the new stock is in one place - New Fall Yarn Section. Brilliant, don't you agree.

She might never find that silk/merino again. Well, at least she will not notice that the purple is slightly hidden from other customers until I casually stroll up to the counter with the marvelous stuff in my hands.

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  1. You're a good friend. I think you should just put that purple yarn in a bag with your name on it and leave it behind the register counter. Hard work has its rewards, right?