Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Recycled Project

There are all sorts of thoughts on recycling yarn from one old project into a new project. And there are thoughts and hints on using recycled anything as yarn - from plastic shopping bags to t-shirt strips. All of this is well and good for the pocket book and the environment. More power to us all for jumping on the recycle bandwagon.

Today, I recycled in a slightly different way. A whole project was recycled and all I had to do was walk up a flight of stairs. Earlier this year, I made Pluie thinking that this soap holder would be ideal at the laundry sink where we wash up after messy projects. No pump soap to fall in the sink, no greasy hand print on the pump top - just one self contained soap and scrubby object that could, with a quick untie, dump, turn and toss, join any load of laundry. It all made sense.

Well, there Pluie still sits there at the sink in all of its unused glory and not doing any one any good. Why? Is it rational to make something that sits idle? Is it financially prudent to spend money for naught? Nay! Over and over - Nay! So, this very morning I picked up Pluie - complete with its fill of floral scented soap - and moved it to my dresser drawer.

Instant sachet! I love this recycle stuff.

PS - click the t-shirt link above and check out Stefanie Japel's video! She is also teaching an up-cycled t-shirt yarn class. Read about it here

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  1. Love the O. Henry twist at the end! I thought for sure you were going to rip it out!