Monday, July 13, 2015

Shh. Stealth Yarn Work In Progress

A whole passel of knitters and crocheters are busy working on a grand stealth project.  One of "us" needs a little love and we are determined to wrap the individual with love.

Word went out that six inch squares were needed.  Knit or crochet and in certain colors.  Thankfully, there is even a volunteer who will put all the squares into a pleasing whole lot of love.

This pattern works up great.  I love the texture of the post stitches and the way that the final square looks like a fan.

The pattern is free and listed on Ravelry.

6" Box Fan Pattern by Donna Kay Lacey.

SHHH.  It's stealthy crochet.

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  1. Beautiful! Don't forget to tag those squares, Sweetie!