Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Doing Our Part

The drought situation in California is in my thoughts a lot lately.  Moving from a rather large lot (with associated single family home & pool & lots of landscaping) into a condo helps greatly.  The need for exterior watering of plants is spread amongst all the neighbors.  And the whole community of Playa Vista has just a few pools for all of the residents.  When I look at my monthly water consumption, it is way, way down from the "old days" of suburbia and lawns and pools.

Yes, I often miss the privacy of a private home set away from neighbors.  We've been talking about how even if we still owned a piece of the pie, we would need to invest in a new landscape plan during these times.

While we do not have any exterior land here at the Westside abode, we do have a little bit at the other condo out in Palm Desert.  And there, we had the opportunity to do our part to cut down on the water sucking grass and non-native plants.  The HOA is offering to split costs with condo owners who convert their exterior walkway area into desert appropriate landscape that cuts way down on water requirements.  This helps offset the need to keep the golf course up to par.  [And that's all I have to say about that great debate.]

Well - half price landscape is too good to pass up!  Because we are not experts in selecting plants and designing a long narrow space, we left the design up to "the crew doing it." 

All we wanted was to fit in with the drought bandwagon and encourage our neighbors to join the beauty of a more natural look.

I love the result!  He loves the result!  We are happy.

So happy, that we've started sprucing up the courtyard area.  The most recent addition is a little decorative fence that sorta hides the water valves.  And we picked up two new succulents to add to this entry area.

OK - can't take it.  Back to the golf course debate that I promised not to discuss.

I love the golf course views and the evening sunsets.  Grass and all.

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  1. I'm glad to see that the fairway is a bit golden and not super green! I love your drought resistant yard!