Friday, July 10, 2015

No Stitches For Me

The only stitching that occurred over the long holiday weekend was not for me. 

First, up was adding to the washcloth contribution.  Why give three when one more just requires watching a movie.  That blue & white knit one is new.  And it fits in with my determination to make more masculine looking washcloths for this endeavor.

Yeah, yeah, I know.  The white circle with scallops is very feminine.  But so fast to make, it had to be part of the total contribution.

And I finished another hat for donating.  Again, this was left over acrylics (machine washable) and made using a variation of my basic 80 stitches on a US #8.  This one has a rolled stockinette edge before the ribbing.  After the ribbing it is just stockinette, stripes toward the top and a slouchy top.  The flower embellishment breaks up all the blue and the green adds a nice pop.

 No stitches FOR me.  Just some stitching by me for others.  Ain't life grand?!

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