Monday, May 18, 2015

Summer Chill Is On The Way

You know that summer day when the sun is shinning brightly in the beautiful sky and there are only  two puffy white clouds slowly moving overhead and you rush out to get your daily requirement of Vitamin D and within three steps you come to a screeching stop because what looks like a wisp of a breeze on the clouds is actually a chilling blow down at beach level.  We get that here where I live.

 Thus, my new summer cardigan.  The pattern is Casco Bay Cardi.  Look it up on Ravelry. 

This is a top down garter stitch little thing just made for summer wearing.  The button holes are easy (don't even think about saying you don't do button holes) and the length of the body or sleeves is easy to adapt.

Juniper Moon Neve was my yarn of choice.  It is 100% pima cotton.  And you know what?  It drapes quite well! 
I could not leave the garter as just garter.  That's not quite me.  The bottom now sports a sporty fringe that is crochet chains looped back up.  It is easy to do.

Starting at one front point, attach yarn with a slip stitch and chain enough length to loop back up and make you happy.  Slip stitch that chain to the body - always working on the right side.  More slip stitches (what ever number floats your boat) and repeat the chain loops.  It is almost too easy!

Hey breeze - - - come and get me.  I'll be sittin' on the dock of the marina watchin' the boats sail in.

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