Friday, May 22, 2015

Please Have Some Respect

This is a repeat post from 2011.  My position has not changed.

It is almost time.  Every year, there are many who just can not wait it out and they rush to celebrate.  I was raised at a time when jumping ahead simply was not done.  Not at all.

Please, to make this old southern lady happy, wait just a few more days.

Memorial Day is on Monday.  That is when we in America pause to remember the lost, offer respect to those still with us, and thank all family members who have silently waited for loved ones to return from their job protecting our American way of life.  Let me be perfectly clear.  My father served in WWII.  Pacific theater.  He had memories, some of which he shared with his family.  Some memories remained private.   

Rush your fences on this holiday all that you want.  Spend the whole weekend saying Thank You to a soldier, veteran or military family.  Keep saying it all year.  I'll be right there with you honoring those who serve.

I do have one request.   

Memorial Day is on Monday.  Please, please, please don't put on the white shoes until Monday.  For the love of all that is tradition - have some respect!

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