Thursday, June 6, 2013

The Idea Moves Forward

The sweet smell of success looms on the horizon.  There is now beading taking place near the bottom edge of the idea of a Daystar shawl.

For this first version beads are placed in near each other in groups of three.  It is a tad difficult to see in the photo, but my favorite steel hook allows me to load up three #6 beads at a time.  This is a good thing for two reasons.

First reason I like loading up beads three at a time is that I don't have to chase the little buggers every time a bead is needed.  Yes, the same total number of beads must be picked up on the hook, but I chase them down less often.  This might not be a rational reason.  It is my reason and works for me.

The better reason that loading up three at a time works is this specific pattern.  As noted above, the beads are placed in a triad.  So I know when I'm done (all three on the hook are placed) and can move on before chasing more of the little  roly poly sparkly bits.

Soon, very soon, a photo of the completed Daystar will be coming your way!

PS - Notice how I totally skipped posting about that stitch taking up most of the photo.  Research is taking place.  I know how to do it, but the name and background is proving to be elusive.

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