Friday, August 19, 2011

Not Missing - Just Busy

Ten whole days since last I paused long enough to put fingers to the keyboard.  So much has happened and all of it is good.  In and amongst other things (like red beverage bags) an entire swath of beauty came off the needles today.

This is Lazy Katy by Birgit Freyer, which can be purchased through her Ravely shop.  Of course you are looking at the unblocked version which is here just to show you why I love this pattern so much.   Lots and lots of straight knitting with strategically worked increases and Voila!  Curves appear.    Oh, come on.  You know that geometry is all over yarn work so just smile and say, "look at that!"

For the most part, the pattern is so repetitive that boredom sets in.  Then comes the lace, which as it turns out is a non threatening  twelve rows of which six are just purling back to the beginning.  

Lace does tend to get away from the YOs.  Even after all these years, a life line is my friend.  Since this was the first time that I made the pattern, I put in a line through every purl row of the lace.  Quick, easy and it saves my sanity.

If you are not familiar with using a life line in knitting, there are many resources online including this one here. 

The thing about lace is that it grows.  A lot.  Even with the stockinette portion being the majority of this shawl, it increases significantly when blocked.

Unblocked, this Lazy Katy was about 29 inches across.  Maybe it is really a shawlette rather than a true shawl.  Or a scarf.  That is possible also. 

The blocking process brought the width across the curve out to approximately 38 - 39 inches.  Ten  inches just because it got wet.   I like that.  It makes me feel as though I knit a whole lot more than I did.

If you are wondering:
Zauberball; used maybe 2/3 of it; lots left over.
Worked on Size 9 (5.5 mm) Addi Turbo.
Crochet bind off worked on a 5.5 hook.

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