Saturday, January 15, 2011

Warm Toes; Warm Heart?

After starting the new socks for the new year, I became sidetracked.  Sidetracked for a very specific reason.  Dark nights.  Oh sure, the calendar tells us that each day is getting just a bit more daylight hours.  But just a little bit more daylight does not help my eyes see dark string in the darkness of night.  There is that whole "turn on a light!" issue and that point of view has merit.

However, I rather enjoy an evening of family time in a dim room with candle light attempting to make up for a low watt bulb.  Cozy.  Comfy.  Conducive to knitting.  Alas, at my age, seeing the dark sock pattern by the light of the flickering candle is simply no longer a joy.  So it was that I went stash diving for a lighter shade of something worthy of a cozy evening.

And that is how the Cotton Fleece from Brown Sheep came out of the closet and into the light of the candles.  Once upon a time this particular yarn almost became a t-shirt.  Luckily, I lost interest and had frogged the whole thing ages ago. 

This is a very simple crochet slipper.   It is an "old" style pattern that isn't really a pattern.  I'm sure that several versions exist on line if you go searching.  The whole thing is single crochet and easy enough for a beginner.

My toes are still as warm as if wearing dark wool socks, but this color - and the worsted weight worked with an H hook - made for enjoyable evening work.

The slippers were a nice respite from the socks, but given that the sun is shinning, I'd best get back to the sock knitting and stop gloating about the easiness of making these slippers.

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