Thursday, January 20, 2011

Results Unknown

The Christmas gift that started this whole bead thing is taking over!!

This week has included time for experimentation.  Now I am giving crocheted wire a whirl.  This soon to be bracelet is just single crochet with beads perfectly lined up row after every other row.  Never before have I worked with wire so this week of experimenting has generated both pleasure and grief.

The ability of the wire to collapse is either a pain or a design element.  I worry that in the wearing, unexpected, unplanned and unwanted smooshing might occur.   Ah, but that is yet another step in the experimentation.

For this example, I held two strands of 32 gauge together.  This is much nicer than the single strand with breaks with every breath one takes.  A close inspection reveals very lacy work.  Going up to 30 gauge would also work - I presume.  That will be another experiment.

Actually, I was very surprised that the double strand of this stuff worked up so smoothly.  It isn't silk.  But it isn't as fiddly as a single strand of wispy mohair either. 

Here is an end that needs a closure added.  At first it was just straight across from the foundation chain.  But it was just too square for my taste and the only clasps I have in the new stash work best with a pointy end.

So I smashed the wire to a point and wove the end through a few times for strength.  Tomorrow, hopefully, the clasp will get attached and I'll start testing the wearing.

This bit of success has carried me through a major disappointment.   But that is a blog for another day.

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