Monday, December 8, 2014

Too Fun To Put Down

Once again, I bought too much yarn.  The recent shawl, le Papillion, needed less than one ball of Louise Harding Amitola and half a skein of the Baah.  That's a lot of left over yardage. 

This is Interlude which promises to be a light airy Springtime slouchy hat.  The pattern is free via Ravelry and can be had here.

This is a two-row lace pattern.  At first I struggled. 
The lace bit is simple.  But for some reason I could not "see" the thing in my mind (there is no chart - the repeat being just seven stitches of not much) and not being able to see the whole thing messed me up.

Now, I am so busy wondering when the color of the Amitola will change again that I can't put the thing down.  It is actually much farther along than the photo indicates.  I'll probably never wear this one and it is not appropriate for a chemo cap due to the fibers and the holes.  But I love it!  I'm hooked. 

Oh, wait.  I can't be hooked on this yarn/pattern combo because this is knitting - not crochet.  Let's just say I'm needling along at a quick pace.

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