Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Holes In The Knitting

Holes - on purpose.  Yes, the beret is finished.

 Isn't this fabulous?  Yes, I am bragging.  I deserve to be proud of this one because those little holes gave me quite a start.   A very simple seven stitch repeat with two pattern rows should not be a bother.  It just goes to show that if your mind is not centered on the project in your hands, bad things can happen.

But now the knitting is done and I am a happy camper.

This is the type of beret that wants to be blocked out on a plate.   I soaked the fiber for a bit and then inserted an appropriate sized plate.  Then the plate was balanced on a glass to that the bottom fell naturally and would dry at the same time as the top. 

And guess what?   There is still yarn left over!  Now, I'm using the stuff to crochet a pair of mitts.  Surely this will be the end of the stuff.

Although, as I look at the progress of the mitts and calculate the amount of yarn that is not being used, there will probably be enough left over to make a headband or two.

Really, people.  How many projects can one get out of 1 skein of sock yarn and two balls of pretty wool/silk?

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