Thursday, November 7, 2013

Still Wandering Down Memory Lane

From the hands of my mother to me, this hook has had a long dark journey.  Being hidden away for almost two decades is not exactly what a well used tool deserves. 

A well used tool deserves to be used well!  Now that I have Ida Mae's "rug hook" in my possession, I am planning how best to put it back in service.  Right now, I am thinking that it will be perfect for working the crochet sections being planned as part of the 2014 blue afghan.

A few personal labels were discovered in the same stash of memories.  I still have - and wear - two sweaters that have this label.

There is something permanent about handing down tools of the trade.  My brother thought my reaction to Mama's crochet hook was a little over the top.  How could it be? 

Like Mother, like daughter, like granddaughter.  Life goes on. . . .

1 comment:

  1. Using tools that are handed down is NEVER over the top. My Dad was a carpenter. My brother is a luthier and still uses many of Dad's tools to this day. Everytime Ken uses one of Dad's tools he thinks about him. There's nothing over the top about that!