Monday, November 11, 2013

Rebellion Through Needlework

Books and patterns abound that mix crochet and knitting stitches.  Perhaps the most prevalent is the somewhat dreaded but ever popular crab stitch edging (crochet) around a knit opening.  There are other ways to mix it up.  Like Tunisian crochet work that transfers the forward pass to become live knit stitches.  OK, that might be a tad advanced for some to envision, let alone tackle without moral support. 

How about the simple crochet edging on a sewn project?  That mixes it up.  A simple embroidered  blanket stitch provides the foundation to something spectacular.  Such as this - - -
A dresser scarf that is amongst the trove of Mama's things now in my possession.  (check out the last several posts for all the goodies I now own).

Yes, there was a time in my youth when my eyes were sharp enough to do such delicate thread work.  Adding edging like this was never something that I enjoyed and so I left this type of creativity to others. 

Here is a bit of the embroidery on the scarf.  Oh, the hours I spent as a teen learning to embroider!  Stem, lazy daisy, chain, satin, french knots, and feather stitch were my friends. 

For the most part I learned on cotton and linen like a dresser scarf.  That was Mama's doing.  But then, I transferred my needle work skill to jeans.  Oh, come on.  You remember those summer days in The Sixties when we spent afternoons adding just the right embroidery to jeans and peasant blouses so that we could be rebellious.  You know you tried to jam that thick denim into a flimsy wooden hoop.  Just like me you embroidered a daisy - a delicate yellow daisy - on your clothing.  [please do not ask if I ever painted a matching daisy on my cheek] 

And we thought we were so ANTI everything.  Often Anti-home/family where we learned the needle skills that allowed the rebellion.   And don't get me started on the Home Ec class at my high school where the girls crocheted ponchos with long fringe. 

What were we thinking?  Rebellion through needlework!  Such a radical idea.  It is crazy to use needle, hook or stick with yarn to express rebellious thoughts.  Far fetched if you ask me.  Off the wall wacko.

Wait a moment. . . .

Rebellion through needlework. 

We still do that. 

Only now it is called yarn bombing. 

Geez.  I do love a good yarn no matter how it is applied.

Carry on!

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