Monday, August 9, 2010

The Surprise Within

No more bemoaning about 4X6 knitting to make miles of garter stitches for the log cabin.  No sir - not I.  For within the Boku colorway #4 was lurking a surprise of monumental happiness.  

This is what I thought color #4 would provide.  Nice dark green/teal/purple & in between transitions.   These are a few of my favorite things - well at least on the color wheel of yarn.  

So, there was I on the last sunset of the weekend not so merrily trying to get my garter stitch mojo to hang around for an hour and actually make progress on yet more of the garter goodness (?) that will one day be the Log Cabin.  All of a sudden, the expected did not happen!  Hidden within the wraps that is Boku was a surprise just waiting to jump out and charm me.

Look here where I pealed away layers.  Such charming chartreuse and golden hues!  I am enthralled.  And a bit in awe.  

Just a few hours prior to the sunny delight appearing, I was part of a conversation on "picking colors" of yarn that "go together and blend."  It was an extended conversation filled with discussing pure color, pink undertones, muted something and additional fretting about non-jarring color jumps.    Why?  Why do we who yarn a lot fret over exact shades and tints?  Why do we get all antsy over indigo vs. deep purple vs funny dark blue?  

Please understand that I can go down the color trail with the best of 'em.  I hate puce.  But give me a reddish brown and I can be halfway finished designing a cardigan with bobbles on the sleeves that look like falling acorns.   But why?  Why do you and I fret so and then develop a reaction nigh on to giddiness when a yarn designer tosses in the unexpected and provides a sunny surprise amongst the darker end of the spectrum?

It is quite hard to see in this photo - but just look and feel with me for a while.........

The surprise within is delightful.  Perhaps I shall challenge myself to go with the unexpected and shake up my color combination rather than suffering the minutia.    Will you?

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