Thursday, August 12, 2010

Loving The New System

This week, there was effort expended to tidy up the bits and bundles.  I figure that when those who share living space with moi start asking if there is any plain sewing thread and maybe a "regular" needle, then there is just a tad too much disorganization for maintaining the familial peace.

All of the magazines, loose patterns (and here the reference is to patterns that do not exist within a bound book or magazine and thus are best described as loose sheets of paper) and books were confined to the left of the sewing machine.  All loose patterns (see above explanation - nothing untoward is implied not intended) were sleeved in plastic and now live in a binder.  

Result?  One entire shelf organized and tidied up - a lot!

Onward.  Tidying up the area immediately adjacent to the sewing machine actually has no real impact on plain sewing thread nor does it result in easily accessible "regular" needles.  

Looking up one shelf and I was met with yet more shambles and only a bare smidgen of anything approaching organization.  

Some sock yarn was in a bin.  Some sock yarn was not in a bin.  
Some white/cream yarn was in the corner.  Some white/cream yarn was not in the corner.  
Bears for dressing and donating were meandering about with no thought to where they belonged.  

UFO's spilled forth.

I worked through this shelf above the sewing machine and now it has a new system that makes sense to me even if others remain perplexed.

On my way out of the area (that belongs to me, but others sharing this living space think that plain sewing thread and maybe even "regular" needles exist within the boundaries) I was met by a plain and boring bit of wall space.  Just the place, thought I, for a lovely cork board for hanging up inspiration.  So, a new system was quickly nailed up and all manner of necessary and inspiring bits were attached.

Two major eye level shelves and one bit of wall space all re-organized and new systems for maintaining a clutter free environment are set in place.

I am proud of my work.

One day, I hope to find the plain sewing thread and maybe a "regular" needle.   


  1. I like the idea of undressed bears meandering with no thoughts.

  2. Oh, dear. Perhaps that does not read the way my eyes saw the situation! Let me state, just for the record, that all bears are fully attired in fur coats in the middle of summer.

  3. Freshly organized spaces always feel so good! I hope you find that plain sewing thread and a regular needle. ;-)

    P.S. I spy a groovy crochet pattern booklet! lol