Thursday, March 1, 2012

Angel Wingspan

Angel Wingspan is a "holey" variation of the original Wingspan shawl pattern.

NOTICE:  Wingspan by Tri’Coterie Designs is available separately via a free download at  Please download the original pattern first.  These notes reference the Wingspan pattern.

Angel (a variation of Wingspan) The variations are highlighted in bold.
  • Size 5 circular needle
  •  475 – 550 meters  sock yarn.  Adding stitches for depth or length will require more yarn than Wingspan.

Cast on 99 stitches (a multiple of 3; more stitches results in a deeper scarf)

Follow Wingspan Triangle 1 instructions.  DO NOT wrap stitches.  This will leave a slight gap every three stitches.

Triangle 2 and following triangles
      ROW 1  Sl1p, k2, *YO, k2tog, knit 1.  Repeat from * to 16 stitches before the end of the row or marker.  TURN
      ROWS 2 – 4+  Follow Wingspan instructions

After last triangle (Wingspan suggests eight triangles, working more triangles results in a longer scarf.)
     Sl1p, k2, *YO, k2tog, knit 1.  Repeat from *.
     CAUTION:  as you come to each marker there will be 4 stitches between gaps.  After completing the YO, k2tog 2 times.

    Follow Wingspan instructions to knit rows.
    BO loosely!


  1. Thank you so much for crediting me in this post. I love your variation. Some people like to wrap and not have any holes; I prefer not to bother and get little holes. Your variation celebrates them and it looks great.

    Do you have your projects posted on Ravelry? I would really like to acknowledge this lovely variation on the pattern page and will be posting it on my Pinterest Board :)

    1. Of course I am on Ravelry as Stewlf and this version is posted. Your geometric work is so fun to knit. Thanks for the fantastic Wingspan!

  2. Ah, Ha...I wish O would have done mine like this I like this open row. I wish I know more about knitting this would ahve been so easy. I'll just need to make another. Thanmks for this post!

  3. Thanks for this! My yarn (Noro King) leaves huge holes at the short row turns, and I like the idea of developing that.

  4. Thank you! thank you! As I looked at this pattern your variation was just what i was trying to figure out. I'm looking forward to trying it with your notes.

  5. Love your pattern. I have 1 question about the ending of the angel wingspan.
    Does your row at the end of the directions that begins with: "Sl1p, k2, *YO, k2tog, knit 1. Repeat from * CAUTION: as you come to each marker there will be 4 stitches between gaps. After completing the YO, k2tog 2 times"
    Replace the row in the original pattern, which reads:
    "Sl1p, knit all stitches on needle removing markers as you go. (It may be necessary to knit some stitches through the back loop depending on how the stitches present themselves)", or is it in addition to the original row?
    Thanking you in advance.

  6. Help. I purchased enough yarn to make Wingspan (425 yards) - then saw your variation so of course want to make that. Why does your pattern require more yarn? I haven't wrapped my head around how to make this yet.

  7. I add stitches (99) to the depth of each wedge and that requires more yarn.

  8. I've seen this shawl in person and it's lovely. Lenora you always pick such nice color ways!

  9. Nice to see someone else in southern CA ...

  10. Hi !
    How many stiches you cast for a beautiful long triangle because i tried with 90 stitches and I find it's not really That I want . You cast more then 16 stitches to knit to decal the next triangle .Do you know how much ?
    thank you for your answer , I'm waiting . . .

    1. Hi, I cast on 99 stitches to get started. That impacts how deep the scarf hangs down. Make it deeper by adding stitches to cast on in multiples of 3.

      If you want to have a longer scarf (for wrapping around neck/shoulders) ADD more triangles before working across the whole top. I know knitters who have added 2-4 more triangles. Remember to buy more yarn!

      Wing on!

  11. The pattern for the original Wingspan is no longer free at Ravelry - it is now $6 but does include 4 patterns.