Monday, May 9, 2016

Eleventy Million Stitches Later

The deed is done!  Yes, it did feel like eleventy million stitches to bind off and I might have uttered frustration toward anyone who would listen.  But, 'tis done.

And properly washed.

On a side note, I don't weave in ends until all the blocking is done and fully dry.  This allows the ends to match the blocked gauge rather than the unblocked gauge.

It works for me. 

Many who have graciously posted Knit 'n Slide photos on Ravelry indicate an aggressive blocking.  For a moment, I to went that route.

But, as if often the case with this old Cajun, my gears shifted mid-pin & wire.

The yoga mat that is my go-to-blocking-mat wanted to grab & hold the fiber.  So.  I let it.

A nice soft undulating edge was the result.  And I like it.  Mostly I like it because 1) it saved a whole heap of time, and 2) the plan is the wrap and wear this one with jeans or my cotton jersey grey summer dress.  And the soft edge is casual enough for both of those ensembles.

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