Friday, April 15, 2016

Tree Topper Cowloncho

This year has been filled with twists and turns.  Happy thrilling moments and a few days best left in the "forget about it" column.

In and among all of the action, the rectangle has been my friend.  I often joke that I can make anything out of rectangles!  And thus began my exploration of the cowloncho.  I've made them with knit as the body and crochet edging.  I've made them with a crochet body and a knit edge.  And now, a pure crochet version is off the needles and ready for its release.

Tree Topper is a cowloncho – part cowl, part poncho.  Extended crochet stitches created a flexible fabric with just the right amount of stretch.  Contrast edging is finished with an armhole that converts the cowl into an asymmetrical poncho.  Worked side-to-side the pattern is easily adaptable for both chest and height measurements.
This is Tree Topper worn in a poncho style.  The armhole in the contrast edge holds the thing in place.


And here is the same Tree Topper worn as a cowl.  The contrast edge that includes the armhole becomes a fun statement on the fabric swath.

Go ahead and give it a try.  The pattern is available for FREE at this link:

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