Friday, January 29, 2016

Cowloncho #2

Oh yes, I did it again.  Meet Lockroy - a cowloncho with a crochet body and knit sides.  I am really enjoying this "one rectangle, two seams" type of creation.

 After completing all the stitchery, Lockroy looked flat.  There was no pop even though the yarn textures and colors were complementary.  Just blah.

A quick dive into the button stash revealed four wood buttons that were perfect for embellishing the transitional bridge from crochet to knit.  There really are four buttons on this cowloncho.  The last one is on the back side at the bottom.

And aren't you glad that I spared the world a photo of my backside bottom?

The yarns are listed on this project page if you are interested in specifics.

The crochet body is a swath of esc (extented single crochet) interrupted near the edges with a line of fpedc (front post extended double crochet).  Those knitted side panels are pure silk - no fancy work needed to let the silk shine in simple stockinette.

Not much else to say except VOILA!

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